Providing information and resources to assist with personal and family challenges
is another major purpose of Morning Light Publishing.  
These resources can be found at our two sister sites:

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1) Counseling Library 

An online resource library, featuring articles, handouts, books, and other resources on a range of topics regarding mental health, relationships, and general wellness.  Useful for counselors, counseling clients, and the general public.  

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2) Morning Light Counseling 

The private counseling practice of Carrie M. Wrigley,  LCSW, in Sandy, Utah.  Providing counselng and life coaching to assist with depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship struggles, work-related stresses, parenting issues, and other challenges. 

We believe that individuals, couples, and families can overcome their challenges - 
powerfully, from the inside out - 
IF  they have the information and support necessary to do so.

These websites are our way 
of trying to help, in that important healing process.