Morning Light Publishing  is an online publishing company,
providing positive, inspirational resources on the Internet.

It fulfills this mssion through a family of websites, each serving a different purpose and providing different resources. Each site provides information and downloadable resources in its assigned area, and also links to other related resources online, related to the mission of each site.

The creation of each of these sites is overseen by Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, LCSW, a professional counselor, teacher, and performing artist.  Each contains materials free of charge, as well as access to additional materials which can be purchased, for expanded benefit and usability. 

Homepage 1 MLM2 Homepage 2 CL

 Morning Hope Music  - Providing comfort, hope, and inspiration through recorded and printed music.

 Counseling Library - Articles, handouts, and other resources to help overcome life's various  challenges

Homepage 3 MLC Homepage 5 MLP

Morning LIght Counseling - Providing counseling and life coaching to help build happier lives and relationships.

Morning Light Publishing
- Home site of MLP, with information and updates linking together all of the sites. 

Homepage 6 CW

Homepage 4 IM4K - Carrie's official site, with info about her music, speaking, acting, and counseling.

 Character Education Music - Helping kids learn positive values through fun, entertaining music.

 These sites exist to carry out the 3-fold mission of Morning Light Publishing: 
1) To build faith;  
2) To strengthen families and other important relationships; and
3) To give hope in troubled times.