Welcome to Morning Light Publishing!

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 Morning Light Publishing 
is an online publishing company,
providing positive, inspirational resources on the Internet.

This is done through a network of websites, 
each with a different purpose and different resources.

Homepage 1 MLM2 Homepage 2 CL

Morning Hope Music  - Providing comfort, hope, and inspiration
through recorded and printed music.

 Counseling Library - Articles, handouts, and other resources
to help overcome life's various  challenges

Homepage 3 MLC Homepage 5 MLP

Morning LIght Counseling - Providing counseling and life coaching
to help build happier lives and relationships.

Morning Light Publishing - Home site of MLP, with information
and updateslinking together all of the sites. 

Homepage 6 CW

Homepage 4 IM4K

 CarrieWrigley.com - Carrie's official site, with info about her music,
speaking, writing, and counseling.

Character Education Music - Helping kids learn positive values
through fun, dynamic music.

 These sites exist to carry out the 3-fold mission of Morning Light Publishing: 
1) To build faith;  
2) To strengthen families and other important relationships; and
3) To give hope in troubled times.